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~ WINTER 2020/21 NEWS! ~


To all of our Mackinac 4-H Horse Club members and friends!

Welcome to our 23rd year of providing safe, professional horseback riding lessons to Island and seasonal youth. The Mackinac 4-H Horse Club is committed to our educational programs to encourage youth to have a fellowship with the horse.

Our winter After School 4-H Horse Club meetings will be a little different this year due to the Covid-19 virus. We will not be able to meet face-to-face as a group, unless we can do an outside event, which we might. So, it will be a challenge but one we can deal with. Starting in January, each month I will be doing videos on various equine related subjects for you to view. At the end of the month I will reach out to each of you individually by text, email, phone or Zoom to discuss the video. Of course, this is an experiment and new territory for us, but I'm hoping with a few of our ideas and suggestions we can make the best of our winter time together!


We are looking forward to this coming summer, but are unsure at this time how everything will fall together. I am very pleased with the individualized lesson program, which will continue no matter virus or not. If we can though I would like to get us together as a group monthly, maybe the family BBQ again, if possible. 


So, please join the Mackinac 4-H Horse Club!  We'll have some horsey fun! As a Mackinac 4-H Horse Club member, you are welcome to come to many or as few of the activities as you chose. Plenty of non-riding things to do, as well! All activities are free of charge to members!




To inspire and safely educate young people, through 4-H, to forge positive attributes and foster a lifelong fellowship with horses.


Formed in 1997/98 by Island school youth.

Our continuing commitment to providing safe, educational and fun programs around the fellowship with horses is unwavering.


We sincerely THANK YOU for your support!

Mackinac 4-H Horse Club Leader, Leanne Brodeur


Some details are still under development, so please look for updates soon!


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or e-mail.


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